The Timms Group strives to deliver excellence to the largest projects in Australia.


The Timms Group is involved in numerous large-scale projects providing plant and equipment such as excavators, crushers, and screeners as well as haulage trucks required to remove spoils or supply fill and soil as required. Acid Sulfates are also able to be removed from site and recycled at their specialised recycling facility in Queensland. Timms has also provided hard stands and building platforms and been able to provide the crushers and screeners on site to process materials as required. 

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The Timms Group was established in 1991 by Mark Timms. Mark had worked in the industry of bulk earthmoving and excavation for many years and envisaged a company that would provide an excellence and approachability for customers. The emergence of Timms has created a quality service and product with an attention to detail that has created a reputation of dependability and an easy to approach management team.

With firsthand knowledge of all types of plant and equipment and having supervised numerous bulk earthmoving projects including demolition, supply / removal of soils, asbestos removal and contaminated soil removal, Timms is confident of providing a standard of service that continues to hold this company among the top service providers in Queensland.

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