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Timms Haulage specialises in three main types of contracting.


When spoil needs to be removed from some of the largest project sites in Australia you know that Timms has the capacity to handle the job.

Timms is also fully licensed to transport contaminated soils including asbestos soils to various sites of which we have at our disposal.

We are also licensed to transport regulated waste and have a margin of land at our disposal to take fire ant material with an approved risk management plan for fire-ant transportation.

Acid Sulphate soil is taken to our approved site at Brendale where it is fully treated with lime and then assessed by our full time independent environmental consultant to assure we achieve environmental compliance.


Timms has a 24 year proven reliability and capacity to meet the demand of all major bulk excavations and demolition projects, with plant consisting of 3 ton through to 70 ton excavators, loaders, graders, dozers and backhoes, Timms Haulage offers a full range of services.

See our comprehensive list of plant and machinery here.

Completing a job within your specified timeframe and on budget are the two objectives that drive the company. Timms Group has a well-earned reputation for doing this time and time again without compromising quality or safety.

Our Health and safety practices include regular staff and industry meetings that make Timms one of the safest operators in Australia. Work method, job and environmental analysis statements are available upon request.

All plant equipment is regularly serviced and maintained for both the safety of our staff and to minimise downtime on projects.


Timms crushing & recycling plant allows Timms Haulage to recycle rock and concrete to provide a selection of high-quality products below.

We are able to transport or receive concrete slabs, concrete barriers and cut off piles at our Eagle Farm Depo. If you need this material transported, please contact us for a quote.

Timms Haulage can provide CBR test results in order to meet your own requirements if requested.

Our impressive variety of plant and equipment can also be mobilised to your site. This plant and equipment is operational within hours of arrival and includes qualified,  experienced operators, to achieve higher productivity levels.


  • Crusher Dust
  • 5mm Minus Dust
  • 10mm Minus Dust
  • 10mm Crushed Stone
  • 14mm Crushed Stone
  • 20mm Crushed Stone
  • 40mm Crushed Stone
  • 70 – 40mm Crushed Stone
  • 75 – 100mm Crushed Stone
  • Bedding Sand
  • Medium Beach Sand
  • Under turf mix
  • General top soil
  • CBR 15 Roadbase (40mm minus tunnel spoil)
  • CBR 45 Roadbase (27mm minus tunnel spoil)
  • Virge Material
  • 60 – 75 mm minus (tunnel spoil / Stone)
  • 75mm tunnel spoil
  • Class A – Select fill
  • Class B – Select fill
  • Class C – Select fill
  • Class D – Select fill


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